Inferno Briquettes 25kg


Inferno Briquettes 25kg QG-inferno
House Coal & Ovoids
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Inferno Briquettes 25kg Bags

Saving you more this winter.

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Our Inferno Briquettes offer the highest heat output in our entire range. Alongside this, they’re easy to light and the better choice for a wide range of appliances, the most common being an open fire. The Inferno Briquettes provide you with a long and lasting fire, which burns with a tall, attractive flame. Many of our customers have switched to this, from traditional house coal.

With manufacturing taking place in the UK, and designed with a formula that provides you with a high heat output, it’s clear to see why our Inferno Briquettes have found thousands of new homes, this year.

Please note, the Inferno Briquettes are not smokeless and therefore cannot be used in a Smoke Control Area.


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There are many benefits to using our Inferno Briquettes, but here just some of the best ones:

  • The Highest Heat Output in our WHOLE Range
  • Small Oval
  • Designed to be used on both open fires and multi-fuel stoves
  • Low Ash
  • Long Lasting

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  • We use an 18 Tonne Curtain Sided Vehicle
  • Our Vehicles are approx 3 meters wide, 9 meters long.
  • We offload at the back of the vehicle
  • We use a Manual Pallet Truck and a Tail lift. (We do not use a Hi-Ab or Crane Service)
  • We push the goods to the delivery point, however, the drivers first port of call is the kerbside.
  • We need a FLAT and HARDSTANDING delivery point to offload onto. This includes the road, as the driver will only offload by the roadside.

Please note, we cannot deliver onto the kerbside if there is no drop kerb that is flush with the ground, nor can we deliver if the road the vehicle is parked on, is on any slope (both incline and decline).

We have more information on our ‘How We Deliver’ page, and any questions you may have can be answered by our Customer Service Team who are ready to answer your questions, between 9am - 5pm.


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Our Goal is to save you more this winter. It’s short and it’s sweet. We strive to offer the best products, with the best prices, to save you more this winter. We don’t cut corners to save you money, either. We use 2 of the largest delivery networks in the United Kingdom, to reach as far and as wide as possible.


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Inferno Briquettes 25kg
Inferno Briquettes 25kg



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