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How We Deliver

In short, we use an 18 tonne curtain sided vehicle, that uses a Manual Pallet Truck that will push the goods to your delivery point. Please read the information below for a more detailed answer.

Vehicles We Use

  • 7.5 Tonners - This vehicle needs to be requested if the delivery access is less than 3 meters and or there are sharp corners on the way to the delivery point. It's important to know that 7.5 Tonner can't always be used, as there is a weight limit for the vehicles tail lift. Please contact our Customer Service team before purchasing if you will need a 7.5 tonner.

  • 18 Tonners - The high majority of our vehicles turn up on a 3 meter wide, 9 meter long, curtain sided 18 Tonner. This vehicle is slightly larger than a 7.5 tonne and will be slightly harder to manoeuvre. If you have a difficult delivery point, please contact our Customer Service team before ordering. 


Hi-Ab or Palletised Delivey

We exclusively use Palletised Delivery Services. Some delivery points can only be accessed using a Hi-Ab delivery service. See our 'Can & Cannot' section, for more details. After reading that section, if you still have questions, be sure to contact our Customer Service team.

Can & Cannot

Sometimes we can't deliver to a delivery point. It's important to know if we can deliver to your delivery point, before placing your order. 

  • We can deliver to flat and hardstanding surfaces

  • We can deliver onto the roadside 

  • We can deliver to kerbside (If there is a dropkerb, flush with the road)

  • We can book an AM service (between 9am - 1pm) for the cost of £18.

  • We cannot deliver onto a hill (this includes the road itself)

  • We cannot deliver onto gravel, stones, or any other loose standing surface. 

  • We cannot move the goods a great distance, once they have been delivered. The driver will always do his best to deliver it to the most safe and convenient place. 

  • We cannot drop the goods, using a Hi-Ab vehicle. 

It's important we outline where we can and cannot deliver to save you the most time and money. If you have any further concerns or questions about how we deliver, please contact our Customer Service Team.