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Why Use Smokeless Fuels?


Here's why you should use Smokeless Fuels:

We encourage the change towards Smokeless Fuels. Not only is it better for the environment (in comparison to traditional coal), its better for you!

For some the choice of having traditional house fuels (i.e. traditional coal) has been taken away, for others, moving towards smokeless fuels is one way of enjoying the luxury of a fireplace whilst utilising a far greater product for the environment.

That's great, but what other reasons are there to use Smokeless Fuels? 


There is quite a few, actually.

  • Better performance than traditional coal.

  • Compliant with the 'Clean Air Act'

  • Quality Assurance

  • Better for the environment

  • Nicer to your wallet


Better Performance than traditional coal

That's a bold claim, isn't it?!

Well, let's break that claim down. Smokeless fuels produce a higher heat than traditional coal, whilst lasting up to 40% longer! What this means for you is that whilst traditional coal may be cheaper, short-term, it can pay for itself in the long term due to the higher heat output and longer life.

The best product to back this up is the Superheat Smokeless Ovoids.

Compliant with the Clean Air Act

Whilst this 'clean air act' is thrown around to justify the purchase of Smokeless Fuels, why exactly is it important?

Parliament passed an act way back in 1956 that was brought in, to stop the 'Great Smog of London' happening again. This helped introduce 'Smoke Control Areas' in towns and cities, where only Smokeless Fuels could be burned. This greatly reduced the amount of smoke pollution and sulphur dioxide (from household fires). 

Why does this affect you? 

Well, it doesn't affect you if you're not located in a smoke control area, however, as noted above, Smokeless fuels are fantastic alternatives to traditional coal. Moving towards Smokeless Fuels will most likely prove to be lighter on your wallet long term, which is always worth considering before your next purchase.

Have a look at our most sought after product: Superheat Smokeless Ovoids

Quality Assurance

Whilst not as bold of a claim as the other benefits mentioned, it's worth noting that Smokeless Fuels are manufactured to an incredibly high standard. We agree with not messing with something if it's not broken, which is why we recommend this as an alternative to traditional coal as it hosts a whole load of benefits, whilst maintaining the quality you would expect for a house fuel.

Better for the environment

This has been mentioned several times before, so we will keep it brief. Smokeless Fuels are a great alternative to traditional coal, as they produce up to less 80% less smoke and up to 40% less CO2 when burnt. That's pretty staggering, isn't it?

Nicer to your wallet

No need for a double-take. Smokeless Fuels are better for your wallet, long-term. Whilst you may pay slightly more, off the bat, the benefits can pay for themselves. Whilst providing you with a good conscience for using a house fuel that's better for the environment, Smokeless fuels also last a hell of a lot longer whilst giving off a higher heat output than traditional coal. 

What's holding you back? 

Browse our catalogue of Smokeless Fuels. Find one you like the look of and give it a go, see how much you love the change. If you have any questions, worries or want to find out more, be sure to contact our Customer Service team.

Is Smokeless Coal really Smokeless?

Yes! Well, kind of. Smokeless fuels are designed in such a way that no visible smoke is given off. They are manufacturer under strict rules. One of which is that the coals cannot give off more than 5g of smoke per hour. This way they're much healthier for the environment, in comparison with their counter-part. 

Now you know the answer to your question, why not browse our smokeless fuel catalogue?