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Smokeless Fuels | Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a collection of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Smokeless Fuels. These questions have been asked by our customers over the years and we hope the answers below answer them sufficiently. If you see a question about Smokeless Fuels, but the answer isn't sufficient, please reach out to our Customer Service Team so we can help answer the question in more detail.


The What
What are Smokeless Fuels?

Smokeless Fuels are a product range we offer at Fuels4Less. Smokeless Fuel is a fuel that doesn't give off thick smoke when burned.

What quantities do you sell Smokeless Coal in?

We sell Smokeless Coal in 25Kg bags. This way you can dry store them easily, and order more accurately. Instead of hauling a jumbo bag around, you can order the amount you need more accurately. 

What is the big deal?

The big deal is that, in Smoke Control Areas, you can receive a fine up to £1000 for using a product that is not approved. Alongside this, there is a push towards changing our house fuel suppliers to a greener alternative, which is where Smokeless Fuels come in.

The How
How can smokeless fuels be better than traditional coal?

Easy! Although slightly more expensive, short-term, it will cost you LESS long-term. Smokeless Fuels boast a hot, long, attractive flame. The fuel can last up to 40% longer, and produces up to 80% LESS CO2 than traditional coal. 

How do you deliver?

We deliver using a palletised delivery network. They use a Manual Pallet trucka and a tail lift, NOT a Crane or Hi-Ab. We have a more detailed information page, which explains who we can and cannot deliver to

How have I never heard of them before?

Smokeless Fuels are becoming increasingly popular, however, not everyone knows about them yet. Our aim to make more people aware of the greener, better solution.

How do I order?

Ordering from Fuels4Less is really simple. We have an easy to follow, step-by-step, order process that will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Our Smokeless Fuels catalogue can be found, here.

Alternatively, our Customer Service Team can help you through the process and take the order by phone.

The Who
Who do I buy Smokeless Fuels from?

We sell the best-selling Smokeless Fuels in the market. There are others in the market, however, we are very competitive and often beat our competition in both service and price. 

Who Can I submit a complaint to?

We don't foresee any complaints coming in about our products as we stand behind the impressive performance and price, however, if a complaint needs to be made, our Customer Service Team will be the first port-of-call, and will do their best to help you with the problem at hand. 

The Why
Why are Smokeless Fuels the superior fuel?

We view Smokeless Fuels as the best fuels around, for several reasons.

  • They're greener
  • They can last up to 40% longer
  • They boast an attractive flame
  • They don't billow horrible thick smoke
  • They burn at a high temperature

Traditional house coal has it's place, however, Smokeless Fuels are the superior fuel in many ways, especially if you are environmentally conscious. We have a write-up, explaining what Smokeless Fuels are, and why you should be using them.

General Fuels4Less Questions

What do I do with the pallet

Delivery companies do not currently offer a service that collects the pallet, therefore, we ask that you can use / recycle or dispose of the pallet. One way of using the wooden pallet, is to use it as kindling.

Can you deliver to me?

Most likely, as we deliver to near all of the UK. A really quick way to find out is by following the steps listed:

  • Choose the product you would like to order. 
  • Click 'Add to Bag'
  • Click the button 'Check Delivery Charges' (a box will load)
  • Simply enter your postcode into the box that has popped up

If we provide you with a delivery method then we most likely deliver to your property. To see our guidelines on where we can and cannot deliver to, please visit our quick to read guide on How We Deliver

When do i receive a receipt?

We send you the receipt and T&C's within a minute or so of making the purchase. To do so we need a valid email address when you're completing the order either by phone or by email.

If you have a query on the information on your receipt and or you would like to change the information entered, please contact our Customer Service team.

Does the price listed include delivery?

This is really to find out - some postcodes cost more than others and therefore we may have to charge a small delivery fee.

An easy way to find this out, would be to follow the steps below:

  • Choose the product you would like to order. 
  • Click 'Add to Bag'
  • Click the button 'Check Delivery Charges' (a box will load)
  • Simply enter your postcode into the box that has popped up

This will present any delivery charges, for delivery to your address.

How should I store the products?

The best way to store fuels is away from your house in a dry place, that will shelter the product from the elements. For logs, we do have a log store available which will help in keeping your logs organised, ready to use. Whilst the log store will keep the goods organised, we still advise storing this in a dry place. 

How would this be delivered?

We deliver using an 18 tonne curtain sided vehicle, using a manual pallet truck and tail lift (not a hi-ab / crane). We need a flat and hardstanding surface to offloading onto. If there is a gradient of any sort, we may struggle to offload the goods. Please view our How We Deliver page to see more information on what we can and cannot deliver to.

Can I buy your products, I live in a Smoke Control Area?

We encourage the change to smokeless fuels, as it's far cleaner in comparison to traditional house coal. We have created a catalogue with Smokeless Fuels, which can be used in Smoke Control Areas. Any products outside of this catalogue, are not to be used in Smoke Control Areas. 

Can I choose a day of delivery?

Yes, you can. We will always try to deliver on the most convenient day for you. We have a calendar online that can be used to select the preferred date. There may be a small delivery charge to your postcode, which will be visible before you continue to the checkout. 

For Standard Deliveries, please choose a date between Monday - Friday, and allow a day processing time (excluding weekends). If you would like to choose a Saturday Delivery, please choose the Saturday AM option at checkout, if presented.

Can I have a dedicated time slot?

As of right now, the only time frame the delivering depots offer is an AM upgrade, which guarantees delivery between 9am - 1pm. This can be arranged over the phone, with one of our Customer Service team.

The AM delivery slot is subject to availability and throughout the year, the cost may vary. Please speak to our team, to book this. 

Do you offer trade prices?

The price online is our absolute best price. We strive to save you as much money as possible, and price are products in accordance.