Dried Hardwood Logs Bulk Bag


Dried Hardwood Logs Bulk Bag QGS-Hardwood-logs
Kiln Dried & Seasoned Logs
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Dried Hardwood Logs

A bulk bag of quality Dried and Seasoned hardwood logs, ready to burn, these logs have been dried to below 20% moisture and barn stored.

These logs are Woodsure Accredited. Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ Status, confirms our premium quality firewood logs contain 20% or less moisture and are of the highest standard.

Our logs come from sustainably managed UK hardwood plantations and are predominantly Oak but may also contain any other hardwood species such as:

woodsure accredited logs

  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Beach
  • Birch
  • Chestnut

Our bulk bags are NOT small!!

This bulk bag is delivered on a pallet from a vehicle with a tail lift and a pallet trolley.

We also offer crates of kiln dried logs, our neatly stacked crates contain more logs than our bulk bags.

Checkout our winter fuels website at https://www.fuels4less.co.uk

Please note! Logs vary in appearance and colour from batch to batch and hence the images above may not reflect an exact match for the logs supplied. Logs as a natural product may become discoloured and may show signs of dark mould like staining which can grow during the drying process. The presence of dark staining on logs is not a sign of damp.

Brand:Quality Garden Supplies Ltd
Type of Fuel:Dried Hardwood Logs
Pack Size:Single or double Bulk Bags
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Dried Hardwood Logs Bulk Bag



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